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        - you put flightgear, simgear, and plib sources into a cvs
directory; so I guess we have to use the newest cvs version (I used tarball
cvs version) of these packages. When I put the cvs version of flightGear
sources in the project, VC tells me it cannot find dme.cxx, navcom.cxx, and
radiostack.cxx. Actually these files are not in the cvs version of
flightGear, but they are in the 0.9.6 version of the sources : what must I
do? Delete the files from the project? Add dme.cxx, navcom.cxx, and
radiostack.cxx, and there associated .hxx to my cvs files?
        - you added the following directory "D:\Flight
gear\FG-ProjectFiles-msvc71\FlightGear\cvs\plib\examples\src\ssg\majik". The
project under VC tells me there should be 3 files called elevation_map.h,
image_map.h, and magik_demo.cxx in this directory, unfortunately, you did
not deliver them within the project files, do you know what's the problem?
        - I have the same problem with tux_example.cxx
        - the file jpegfactory.hxx needs to include jpeglib.h, and jerror.h,
I cannot find anything about these files... I had a look on the web, I think
it comes from a library, could you tell me more about that? How should it be
installed to be used with FG project?

Wow, that makes a lot of questions. I hope I am not too boring...


MSVC projects are not updated by core developers, so they are always lagging. You should consider CVS is the reference and delete instances in the project when files are deleted from CVS and add new ones that appears from time to time.

You should remove the projects you don't want. tux_example, majik_demo and fgrun are additionnal programs that are not needed by flightgear.

You should fine a copy of libjpeg ( search freshmeat ) for MSVC to compile jpegfactory.cxx, otherwise, remove that file because it is optionnally compiled under linux.


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