On 12/12/04 at 6:00 PM Paul Surgeon wrote:

>On Sunday, 12 December 2004 17:32, Paul Surgeon wrote:
>> Would there be any objections if I added an extra field ("installed") to
>> Airports/basic.dat ?
>> What I want to do is keep a list of airports that are available world
>> as well as those that are actually installed.
>> I can either do it that way or I can create a new file containing
>> airports but then I would have to cross reference between the two files.
>> Paul
>Please disregard - Melchior pointed out quite correctly that user data
>not be stored in CVS files.

Your basic idea - that the user shouldn't be presented with a selection of
unavailable airports, is perfectly valid though.  Why not first scan
FG_SCENERY path for installed scenery in either 10x10 (quicker) or 1x1
(deals with the small CVS area) degree chunks, and cache this in memory.
Then test all airports against installed scenery area on load, and save the
result with the airport.  That should work, question is what impact on load
time it would have.

As a further idea, airports could have a country ID  added during this step
based on the ICAO code, and presented to the user in a far more civilised
per-country selection.

Cheers - Dave

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