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> ..one way is point .gov and .com people to "if someone flies into an
> Aussiestani or Canuckistani tower, is it jihad, and who get's sued?

That doesn't work so well outside of the U.S., because other countries
don't have the same culture of litigation.  In Canada, for example,
the loser often pays the winner's court costs in a civil action, so if
I try to sue the government or a big corporation and lose, I might
have to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in their legal fees. 
Even if I win, the award will be only reasonable, not spectacular
(i.e. I might get awarded $1M to help pay my costs if I'm in a
wheelchair, but I probably won't get an extra $59M in punitive

Still, COPA has made similar arguments, along the lines of "look at
how much an accident costs the government in S&R, investigation,
medical costs, etc."

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