On Sunday, 12 December 2004 23:13, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> You might want to check first if plib has this functionality already, or
> putting it in plib's file/directory handling library might be more
> appropriate.  The purpose of SGPath is to be a platform independent path
> name abstraction.  If we create a mkdir function, I think it should
> probably go somewhere else.

Ok, SGPath is a bad place to put it in.

I checked plib and found that it has no mkdir functionality at all.
In fact plib doesn't even have a file handling library.

However I don't like the idea of adding this to plib because I rely on SGPath 
for the path name abstraction and I don't want to have to add SGPath to plib 
How hard would it be to get something totally new added to plib which most 
other users will consider as unnecessary?

BTW : SimGear uses mkdir in SGBinObject::write_bin so it looks like whoever 
wrote that thought it would be much easier to just call mkdir right there and 


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