So, I emailed the contact given in the FR notice regarding the termination
of public distribution of the DAFIF.  I noted that there was no mention of
a public comment period, as is common for these things, and asked if there
was to be one.  They wrote back this afternoon, indicating that they'd
decided to have one.  I've excerpted the email below.

I have no idea whether comments from folks outside the U.S. are taken
into consideration; I'd bet not.  But it *is* the case that comments
matter; as I noted elsewhere, they're required to respond to all the
substantive points raised in comments they receive when they make
their final decision.  So commenting is worthwhile.  Perhaps it makes
sense to discuss here what comments one *would* make, so that USians
here who choose to comment won't lack for good points to make.

Robin Peel probably already knows about this change, but I'm cc'ing this
to him in case.


} Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the proposal to remove NGA's
} aeronautical products from public sale and distribution.
} After initial feedback from the public NGA has determined that a period
} of public comment will benefit the final decision on this policy issue.
} So the Agency is inviting public comment on its proposed action to
} withdraw aeronautical data and products from public distribution.  The
} period of comment will be open from 3 December 2004 until 30 June 2005.
} NGA will consider all comments when making the final decision to go
} forward with this proposed action, in part, in whole, or not at all. 
} Your e-mail has been forwarded to the office collecting public comments.
} If you have further suggestions, or wish to express any other issues or
} concerns please direct them to one of the addresses below.
} Comments may be returned to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
} or mailed to: 
} National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
} Mail Stop D-111, Attn: Public Release of Aeronautical Products
} 4600 Sangamore Road
} Bethesda, MD 20816-5003

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