On Wednesday 15 December 2004 00:02, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:

> > 2) Use a menu to select starting aircraft and airports. We should init
> > the game with very minimum code and then present to the user a nice menu
> > with the logo of FG and two scrollbars, one for the aircrafts and one for
> > the airports. This data could be updated dynamically based on which
> > aircrafts we have in the installation directory
> I have a similar idea as well, so do many other people.
> We should have a main menu that allows the user to select:
> - Start a game
> - Start a multiplayer game
> - Configuration
> - Quit
> Each option, except the last one, will lead to a new page.  For example,
> the "Start a game" page will allow the user to pick the aircraft, choose an
> airport, select the weather, etc.  The configuration page will allow the
> user to setup joysticks, change graphic settings etc.
> I can do a quick sketch if anyone wants to see my design. =P

What would you think about the following options:

- Learn to Fly
- Quick Flight
- Scenario Flight
- Configuration or Settings
- Quit

The Option "Learn to Fly" should be an interactive in game tutorial that 
teaches a new user how to flight. Flitetutor might be here the ideal thing.
This is imo a very important feature, because people who never learned to fly
try flightgear and don't know what to do or how to fly.
In the end this leads to the the situation that they use flightgear only to
fly around and look at the scenery, after that they don't know what to do 
next, they get bored and uninstall flightgear.
If they knew how to do vfr or instrument flight  or could learn it
they would have a new challenging goal.

The option quick flight allows the user to just jump
in, after the user has seleceted the aircraft, the airport and set the weather 

The scenario flight could be a list of flights where the user chooses one 
Each sceneraio is a task where the user needs to achieve
a goal. Like flying with a cessna from Geneva to Milan over the Alps
Or Flying from Miami to Havana at low fuel.

The rest of the options is the same you described before.

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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