On Wednesday, 15 December 2004 01:02, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> Yes.  User friendliness is a major issue that has to be deal with.  Many
> people, even a classmate of mine, point out that "the user interface is
> crappy".

I hope we either drop PUI (plib's UI) or at least do a major upgrade to it.
We use PUI in the menus at the moment and in my opinion the widgets look 
absolutely GHASTLY.

Some of the widgets like listbox don't even have the ability to select and 
element in a clear way. Graying out a selected item is stupid.

Plus they don't scale according to screen size or have properties for 
different user sizes.
If a user wants "small menus and icons" they should be the same size for any  
screen resolution.


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