Do 3D models use a "normalized" range to model aerosurface rotation, or actual 
magnitude? I've been looking at the JSBSim flight control code and the addition 
of the
code that "normalizes" aerosurface (elevator, aileron, etc.) rotation positions 
the code, and appears to only be relevant to 3D modeling.

It was my opinion that rotations are done using actual degree measurement - 
that is, you
can't specify an angular rotation in a range of 0 to 1 and have it mean 
anything at all. A
rotation needs to be done over an angular range that is known, such as degrees 
or radians.

I'd like to remove the code that normalizes angular measurement, but I am told 
FlightGear requires normalized angular measurement, which seems, on teh surface,
ridiculous. At the very least, I'd like to move the normalization code out of 
our flight
controls code and into the flightgear interface code, since it appears to be a 
of FlightGear only.


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