Jim Wilson writes:
> Jon Berndt said:
> > Do 3D models use a "normalized" range to model aerosurface rotation, or
> actual degree
> > magnitude? I've been looking at the JSBSim flight control code and the
> addition of the
> > code that "normalizes" aerosurface (elevator, aileron, etc.) rotation
> positions confuses
> > the code, and appears to only be relevant to 3D modeling.
> And the Simgear 3D animation code is all about taking those normalized values
> and translating them to a representation of degrees movement.  On the surface,
> this doesn't make sense to me either.

I can think of no other generalized expression of a 'control's state' 
whether it be rotation, fluid pressure, amps what ever :-)

Once you start specializing there is no end and IMO using the
Normalized Values makes perfect sense for the abstract Control Module.

Simple translators from Normallized to Actual value are all that is needed
and are already instantiated on the FGFS side.  Client applications such
a JSBSim can easily implement wrappers when talking to FGFS



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