I agree with Norman. As long as control system is of concern, it is much better to use normalized units.

> surface deflections in degrees, and for good reason: it's natural, it's > physical. From the point of view of JSBSim, "normalized" aerosurface

Degrees are not natural, nor physical. We may argude that *radians* might be natural, but *not* degrees.

This would lead us to another class of problems, what system of measurements is used? (I'm used to SI system)
what about input (I mean stick, pedals positions...)?
Should the input be expressed in "natural" or normalized units?

And about FDM itself, aerodata to be used are not unified... I have seen some using degrees as a control surface deflections units, and others using radians. What would you choose as a "natural"?

I think normalized deflections *are* the best solution.

just my 2$ :)


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