On Thursday 16 December 2004 05:13, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:

> A user may be able to access a lot of planes due to his/her experience
> points, but it will be necessary to pass the tests before he/she can truly
> unlock these planes.  Similarly, a user may unlocked a lot of scenarios,
> but enough experience points must be gained so that the required aircrafts
> in some of the scenarios can be unlocked.

Personaly i don't like it when features (especially things like airports or 
areas) are looked and require to do some other things first.
But it would be ok to lock only the learn to fly lessons, so that
everyone needs to fly each lessons in the correct order first.

> As for the "Scenario Flight" option, I think it will be better to include
> it within the "Learn to Fly" experience or the "Quick Flight" option, and
> leave the space for an option to the multiplayer menu in the future.

I think there is enough space to put the multiplayer option below or above the 
Sceneraio Flight options.

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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