Well, I can only respond with an air transport:


(I haven't scanned my own pictures yet; if you search for Beluga and MUC you'll find lots of pictures on the net)

There an A310 (history of this plane: http://www.planemad.net/Production_List/Airbus/A310/276.html) was cut and the front part was brought to the Fraunhofer Institute in Holzkirchen to serve as an laboratory for research of the effects of long distance flying on humans.

The first part of the plane was carried by an Beluga to MUC (EDDM) and from there by a extra heavy road transport to its destination.

As my dad is/was responsible for this laboratory (the last thing before retirement) I could be at the airport as the Beluga arrived and unloaded the plane.

Currently I'm trying to convince them to use FlightGear for their visuals...


Ampere K. Hardraade schrieb:
More picutures can be found here:


On December 16, 2004 03:43 pm, Durk Talsma wrote:

Tonight an old  KLM-747 will be shipped through the canals of Amsterdam on
it's way from Schiphol Airport (EHAM) to the new Aviodrome
(http://www.aviodrome.nl) museum at Lelystad airport (EHLE).

I found some pictures at:

The transport will pass near where I live in a few hours, so I'm tying to
see if I can catch a glimpse.

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