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I'm getting back into 3d modelling and would like to contribute geometry corrections for the C172P (I have a fairly extensive library of photos/drawings for the type).

I'm just getting into AC3D as it seems rather pleasant to use compared to my usual tool, Blender, which while excruciatingly powerful is also slower to work with.

My question is, can I commit changes to the C172 without 'stepping on someones toes' ? (I promise to make changes as accurate as my measurements and knowledge will allow).

Or if there someone I should contact who is leading design for the model?.


Notes: Geometries I am looking to correct are the struts to the last spar before the wing taper, the thickness of the strut as viewed from the side (+30%), the angle of the exhaust, the nose leg and wheel and possible addition of the P's port-wing dual landing lights.

I do not intend to add extra vertices except in the case of the port-wing landing lights.


Is the the "default" aircraft? The current C172 models are very functional, but pretty basic. They certainly could be spiffed up a bit. I'm not opposed to adding a few polygons if they contribute to the model. Part of the trick of 3d modeling is figuring out the most effective places to spend your polygon budget. As far as I know, no one is currently working on updating the c172 3d models, so I would say feel free to move forward. You could always work with a copy, leaving the original intact, and then we could vote or if it's clearly better, we could just replace the current model. You will have to send your changes to one of the core developers in order to get them committed to cvs.

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