On Saturday 18 Dec 2004 00:46, Arnt Karlsen wrote:

> ..these are Nvidia clones, which chip?

They are not clones, in fact they are Nvidia produced PCBs (the only card they 
ever contracted for self manufacture.

The only components the OEMs were allowed to alter were the back-planes and 
coolers (although most retained the Nvidia FlowFX).

The chip is an Nvidia NV30.

AGP 8x
Core: 500Mhz
Pipes: 4
TMU/Pipe: 2
Transitors: 125Million in 0.13Ám die.
Memory: 500Mhz 128bit DDR II (1000Mhz over 2 banks).
Bandwidth: 16~48GB/s

The card was not a commercial success since Nvidia controlled the production, 
hence they're now cheap and the NV3x series is all OEM produced. (Not to 
mention the huge copper heatsink/pipe, 2xpci backplane and ducted rear 
intake/exhaust (loud) fan housing.

Through extensive testing we have proven the performance to be equal with a 
5900U at standard clocks. :)

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