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And then there are slats that deploy as a function of airspeed/AOA; e.g; Sabreliners

This is irrelevant, also - at least for JSBSim. In this case, the slats would be automatically deployed as directed by the flight control system control laws, and the actual position would be referenced by degrees.

But Jon, this statement seems to run counter to your overall argument. Slats at least on many of the aircraft I've seen deploy linearly. In other words they are on some sort of rail mechanism and slide out away from the leading edge of the wing in a linear motion. They aren't attached with a hinge, there's no rotation at all. So in this case representing linear motion with some arbitrary angle seems a lot worse than representing angles with normalized values.

In the case of YAsim, you may need to dig in and get a better understanding of it, but essentially, the way it works, it does not need to know deflection angles. You provide a lift and drag multiplier at full surface deflection and that is all. Internally YAsim keep the control inputs and surface positions normalized. This is a simplification of reality of course, but it actually works quite well. YAsim is a different approach to modeling flight, but it is quite ingenious, and does a really nice job for what it does. There's a limit to how far you can take it, but until you hit that limit, it's really a slick little piece of code.


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