I've done most of what I intended with the 172P now except for the 
landing/taxi lights on the wing (I'm having to learn a lot to get something 
looking good).

I wanted everything to 'just work' so I re-added the alpha-layers to the 
textures which were transparent (you could see the panel thru the wings, 
seats, tail etc). Also added back the flap textures so you now see the ribs.

In doing the interior texture I discovered that due to the panel sharing a 
texture with the interior, adding the alpha back made the panel invisible.

So, I duplicated the interior texture with no alpha and applied that to just 
the panel and then applied the second texture to the interior with the alpha 
- This works fine, now the controls do not show the instruments behind. 
However - this is a bit of a 'hack' - is it acceptable?

Also, I've reworked the panel instrument locations and controls so they are 
now proportionally correct compared to a real 172.

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