On Sunday 19 Dec 2004 21:36, Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:
> On Sunday 19 December 2004 22:32, Dave Martin wrote:
> > Also of note; the panel being too far out means that I've totally mucked
> > up my geometries :-S Oh well, my own fault ;)
> Note that I'm talking about the 2d instrument panel that is included, _not_
> the panel in the 3d model. It should be quite easy to get the x-coordinate
> right for the 2d instrument panel. Simply set it to the same as the
> x-coordinate for any vertex on the panel face.

I follow you; but the reason that the geometry is wrong is due to the 
instrument sizes (ie: they appeared larger when closer to you). So I've 
repositioned them all anyway - looks better to my eye now and a comparison 
with my large-scale photo of my friends 'P' cockpit looks pretty 
accurate. :-)

I've changed the wingtips slightly now (the nav-lights will need totally 
re-doing but that can wait till the landing+taxi lights get started).

I've uploaded the fixes: http://www.cyfinity.com/fgfs/c172p.tar.gz

On Sunday 19 Dec 2004 22:03, Jon Berndt wrote:
> Screen shot? :-)
> Jon

Coming up shortly :)

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