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> Jon Stockill wrote:
>> Thomas Förster wrote:
>>> I also thought about this as an option for a GUI. The main advantage
>>> would be that this approach ensures there's no GUI code in FG and
>>> there is a well designed API/Protocol to it. Writing alternative
>>> GUI's should be easy using that API/Protocol. Having the GUI
>>> seperated also makes it easy to distribute the apps across machines,
>>> i.e. having a simulator with an instructors workplace (changing
>>> weather, fail engines...)
>> With the added advantage of not bloating the simulator - gets my vote.
> For what it's worth, I think that some sort of minimal built in gui for
> FG is still a good idea.  FG already provides a lot of support for
> developing an external gui (i.e. for an operator/instructor station.)
> I have done exactly this for the ATC flight sim single engine trainer
> and it works quite well.
> The only issue is that for single PC, home users who aren't immensely
> computer savey, starting up multiple apps concurrently can be a bit
> tricky ... especially in a multiplatform / portable context.
> Curt.
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But cross platform support gets more difficult.  This is somewhat
demonstrated by the issues that someone is having right now getting fgrun to
compile and build.  By keeping a single application there is a bunch of
support, and a bunch of drive to keep the code base working across
platforms.  If the code splits into a bunch of different applications then
people are needed to build/test/support each separate app. on each platform.
In theory that should not be that hard, but in reality, I believe, no one
has yet built fgrun for the Mac...


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