I think the existing external telnet access is an excellent feature.
It would be nice to put some effort into making the underlying code
more efficient so that the simulator doesn't mind it being used a lot.

On a separate note, I propose the following feature (if not present):
1.  A command on the telnet interface for adding menu items to the PUI.
2.  When the associated telnet session closes, the menu items disappear.
3.  A telnet command to put up a PUI dialog and return the results.

We could create a python class that uses the existing telnet module
and makes the menu item addition and PUI dialog invocation accessible.
A separate class can offer the same services but use a GTK backend.

That would let us all write nice features as python scripts which,
for single user, attach to the main FlightGear PUI interface or,
for training use, interact directly with the instructor's console.

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