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I haven't overwritten any files...I'm just trying to understand what
goes where. I have a directory structure called
FG-ProjectFiles-msvc71, which does not contain the FlightGear source. I have another directory, which I downloaded separately, called
Flightgear-0.9.6. Where do I put it? Should I have a directory as


my layout is (I have a drive named I: ) :


The path of the files located in the project files should have helped you.

Or do I need to do something different? There are no instructions. FlightGear/cvs/FlightGear <= FlightGear isn't explicit to me.

the directory 'cvs' could imply that the projects are for the cvs version. If you want to use them for the 0.9.6 version, you would have to adapt it because few files were added, other removed and some moved.

The file to load is the solution file, named FlightGear-2.sln, .vcproj files are the project files and hold path to source files and compile options. They are xml files.


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