On Tuesday, 21 December 2004 12:10, Thomas Förster wrote:
> I'd go with option three. I see the FG core (the simulator itself) as an
> independent "demon".  Multiple 'control' clients can connect and interact
> with the FG server ('GUI', Atlas Moving Map, Flight Tutor*, Flight
> logger, ...). We might need a locking mechanism to have only 1 client
> writing properties though.

It would be really nice to have all those features in a single controlling 
client app with a single connection. One tab for aircraft selection, another 
tab for a flight planner, one for instructor console, etc.
Having one app means you only need one connection without the risk of any 
Of course getting several people to work on the same app with the same vision 
can be tricky.  :)

> That's a definite goal, to have a clean API to the simulator core, which is
> used by an internal as well as an external GUI.

I would love to see all the FG core stuff going that route - one network 
capable API that everything can work through including FG itself.
As far as I can see FG looks like it's already half way there.


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