On Monday, 20 December 2004 22:34, Martin Spott wrote:
> Well, David Luff has proven that cross-platform-portability is not a
> miracle, his "TaxiDraw" compiles at least on Windows and five different
> Unices just with some small Makefile changes ....  allthough he didn't
> tell us how much effort he had to spend in order to achieve this
> portability  ;-)

It's really easy when using a good, cross platform toolkit like wxWidgets.
I've used wxWidgets for some cross platform network apps and so far I'm very, 
very impressed!
I've tried other toolkits and as far as I'm concerned there's no other toolkit 
at the moment that is as feature filled and cross platform friendly as 
12 years of work has gone into wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) and it really 

The best thing about wxWidgets is it uses the native GUI controls of each OS 
so it looks totally native and you can't tell what platform the app it was 
written on.


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