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When I am modelling airliners, I always put the engines in a seperated model file. This way, I can swap out the engines without touching the main model.

My question is: what should I do in order to have one animation code that works for all engines? For example: I have one XML file for the engine; how can I make it so that the same script will work on engine 1, 2, 3, and 4, all with different N1 and N2?
Each engine needs it own animation.But it only needs one XML file.Just the
one animation script repeated four times using the individual numbers for
each engine.Have a look at the XML file for the 737 there should be two
engine fan animations one for each engine.

I don't think that is possible right now because you somehow need to pass that information to the configuration file.

As a side question, what are N1 and N2?

N1 is the compressor (and fan) rotational speed N2 is the turbine rotational speed
This is not 100% correct
The N1 is the low pressure compressor which is coupled to the low pressure
turbine.Sometimes this is just the fan but sometimes it has upto 4 stages of
low pressure compressor.
N2 is the high pressure compressor which is coupled to the high pressure turbine.
And in some Rolls Royce engines (RB211) there is a N3.
Of these three the most important is the N1.


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