"Curtis L. Olson" writes:

> Innis Cunningham wrote:
> > Does this work with Atlas now?.The last time I went to build the maps
> > using Atlas I had to get the old default.nav files to get Atlas to work.

Hmm - I fixed this for Atlas itself (in CVS), but since I don't build the 
symbols on the maps there might be a problem with Map.  I'll fix it if there 
is, but please report these problems to the Atlas list or they won't get fixed 
unless I happen to be bitten by them.

> I think Atlas is about 2-3 generations behind here.  Someone should look 
> at updating the airport loading code, and if no one is available to do 
> that, then perhaps Atlas should consider maintaining it's own 
> "historical" database format?

I've been keeping the Atlas CVS up-to-date with FlightGear's changes, since Per 
Liedman (the author) no longer has regular net access.  I'll do the latest 
airport change, and see if I can make a release.  It probably won't be until 
after Christmas now though.

Cheers - Dave

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