On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 23:18:33 +0000
David Luff wrote:
> With the latest CVS of Simgear, FlightGear and base package, comm radios
> are completely broken, both attempting to set through the panel,


> and
> through the property tree.

This, OTOH, I don't see.  Hmmmm.

A fix to simgear that Melchior committed this morning was supposed to
have fixed the problem with the panel.  My CVS fgfs compile dates from
36 hours ago so I haven't checked it.  When did you update and compile?

I d'loaded and compiled the pre-release this afternoon, and the radios
in it work fine.  I don't quite understand that because it came out
after the patch that introduced the panel problem, but before the fix
was submitted.  But anyway, the panel works for me there.


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