Jon Stockill

> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > Curt has stated the policy of only using the released version of plib
> etc.
> > This makes sense to me. That decision really only affects the 'crease'
> in
> > our models - the released version of the data cannot include them. And,
> as
> > you said, we miss out on the significant performance gain. Of course,
> you
> > can build FG with any version of plib you like. Perhaps all that is
> > necessary is that we let people know that they would benefit by using
> plib
> > cvs, while ensuring that the released version of FG is compatible with
> plib
> > 1.8.3
> I agree that the policy should be that the code will build against a
> released version of plib. The question was really if there's a
> compelling reason *not* to use the cvs version for a binary package,
> where those downloading it don't need to worry about these dependencies.

I think the builders of the binaries will probably use plib cvs - it's up to
them, but there are obvious performance advantages and no downside, so far
as I know. Some, if not all, of the 0.9.6 binaries already include the
'crease' patch. 



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