Curtis L. Olson writes:
> > Norman Vine wrote:
> >
> >> If someone was to do this I would suggest exporting to the native 
> >> .ssg binary format :-)
> >
> .ssg format is basically a binary memory dump of the internal ssg 
> structures.  This has some advantages within plib-based applications, 
> but it would be tough to build an exporter from a non-plib application.  
> It would be a lot simpler to build a plib-based converter, but then 
> you'd need to be able to read the source format into plib anyway.  .ssg 
> is extremely non portable, and would make it very difficult for people 
> to edit the models with any non-plib based modelers, and I'm not aware 
> of any plib-based modelers that are far enough along to be useful.  I 
> think we would do better to stay with high level 3d formats.

Excuse me Curt but ....

This is bordering on FUD 

You still have the original Blender Files

How-long-do-we-wait-for-FlightGear-to-load'ly yr's


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