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If someone was to do this I would suggest exporting to the native .ssg binary format :-)

.ssg format is basically a binary memory dump of the internal ssg structures. This has some advantages within plib-based applications, but it would be tough to build an exporter from a non-plib application. It would be a lot simpler to build a plib-based converter, but then you'd need to be able to read the source format into plib anyway. .ssg is extremely non portable, and would make it very difficult for people to edit the models with any non-plib based modelers, and I'm not aware of any plib-based modelers that are far enough along to be useful. I think we would do better to stay with high level 3d formats.

Excuse me Curt but ....

This is bordering on FUD

You still have the original Blender Files

How-long-do-we-wait-for-FlightGear-to-load'ly yr's

What did I say that was incorrect? If I've missunderstood something about plib/ssg I'd appreciate being corrected. If modeling is still done in blender/ac/multigen/whatever, then you need a conversion path to plib. That means going through one of the existing loaders no matter how you approach it. Using .ssg doesn't gain you anything in terms of rendering quality or features since you have to pass through a higher level format anyway. The only thing .ssg gives you is potential model load performance increases, although I've never seen any comparison benchmarks ... If you do get a performance increase, then perhaps we could have some util that converts to other formats to .ssg on the fly ... so you pay a price when you first load a new model, but after that, for each subsequent run of the application, you can load the .ssg format.

We just need to handle this in a way the doesn't send us down a one way .ssg street.


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