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> On Sat, 25 Dec 2004 19:02:47 -0500, Norman Vine wrote:
> > Excuse me Curt but ....
> > 
> > This is bordering on FUD
> Exchange formats are designed to capture common information for many
> different uses; proprietary formats, like PLIB's SSG, are optimized
> for a single app or library.  Even if you (Norm) disagree with Curt's
> suggestion to avoid formats designed for a single app or library, I'm
> surprised that you cannot admit that this is something intelligent
> people can disagree on, rather than accusing Curt (of all people) of
> spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Excuse me but this is FUD !

SSG is certainly not propriatary in any reasonable man's vocabulary !!

The sggestion that FGFS who's native format is SSG would be somehow 
limited by using the native SSG load function esp. given there is an 'editable' 
model in the format of the Editor application that created the model is 
'bordering' on FUD.  

FWIW If and when FlightGear exchanges SSG for another internal 
SceneGraph I would suggest using that SceneGraph's native loaders
also !

Perhaps we would all get along better if we only spoke Esparanto 
outside of our homes also :-)

Merry Christmas all,


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