Curt wrote:

>If I've missunderstood something 
>about plib/ssg I'd appreciate being corrected.  If  modeling is still 
>done in blender/ac/multigen/whatever, then you need a conversion path to 

I think you guys are speaking "aside each other".
Curt wants to allow different modellers.

James OTOH correctly says that the thing professionals do instead is
to decide on one modeller, say Blender OR 3DS Max etc, and then write
an exporter into their own propriatery format. This is the path
suggested both by Kinetix (and probably the other big players in 3D
modelling) and by mostgame developers that have done it. So, no
standard format is involved. Norman - IMHO correctly - wrote that if
you do that, the propriatery should be SSG, since that loads very
fast. This is a HUGE thing for a flight sim. I am currently loading
ascii files into the sim I work on to make development easy. A plane
needs over a second. If you realise that a frame that is 50 ms longer
than other frames is EASILY visible, then an ascii format is a factor
20 too slow. 

I think the first decision that needs taking is whether you want to
mainly support say two modellers really well and the others not so
well or whether it is a very high priority to support all modellers
out there equally well. In the first instance, I support
James/Norman's idea of an SSG exporter.


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