These issues have been brought up before but I decided to refresh everyone's 
memory seeing as XP users keep coming to the IRC channel and asking the same 
questions over and over again.

1. The --disable-sound option needs fixing
OpenAL should not be initialized at all if that option is specified.
This issue really becomes a problem when XP users who have outdated sound 
drivers cannot disable the sound in FG just to see how it runs.

2. I feel that we need to think about a better method of logging errors and 
messages for windows users who don't normally use a console.
A pop up dialog with the error messages works quite well in my opinion and it 
seems to be a pretty standard way of dealing with critical information under 
wxWidgets has some nice logging features that we could mimic like being able 
to log to different locations based on the platform. (stderr, streams, gui,  
a widget inside app, null)


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