David Luff wrote:

I think that the time has probably come for the AI systems to merge IMHO. I think that probably the best thing to do is for me to instantiate my models through the Dave Culp system, since his model code is much better than mine I think. Then I can add ATC-AI interaction in my own bit, and anything we both need (such as taxying) can go in the AI-models (Culp) code to be used by both of us from one bit of code. This will require the AI-models code API to be extended so I can instantiate and control the models programatically. I believe Erik has some plans to make sure all models can be distributed logically between multiple and networked clients as well - it can only help if all AI systems use the same model tree in that respect. Any objections? I'll take a look anyway and see how much damage I'd need to do to merge.

This sounds excellent. Once all subsystems use the AIModel code to display it's client 3d models (and that includes the multiplayer code) then I think FlightGear will already be quite flexible; Automatic, model specific animations can be easily implemented, and some are already. Also synchronizing two instances of FlightGear will be easier.


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