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Let us know what you come up with on the broadcast stuff.



Was the "broadcast fix" included in the 0.9.8 pre-release?


plib expects the string to be "<broadcast>" in netsocket.cpp line#80;

Simgear rejects either an explicit broadcast address or the
above string, preferring "broadcast" which it dutifully passes on to plib
which fails trying to resolve host named broadcast.

John, as I look at the code, I don't see anything that explicitely accepts or rejects any host names. However I do notice that "<" and ">" are special characters to the unix (and probably dos) shells. The shell will try to pass input from a file called "broadcast" as stdin to fgfs and send the output to whatever is after the ">". Try enclosing the entire option in double quotes to hide these characters from the shell interpreter ...

   fgfs "--native-gui=socket,out,1,<broadcast>,5504,udp"

You *shouldn't* need these for options included in your .fgfsrc file.

I'm not in a place where I can test if this actually works though ...


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