Dave Martin wrote:

I just wanted to experiment with VRML models a little.

I've had no luck loading one as yet (VRML 1.0 or 2.0)

Does FlightGear/SimGear/plib have to be compiled with any extra options to support VRML or is it just unsupported right now?

I think that plib does have some sort of vrml loader, but I don't think it's very advanced or very capable (based on what I've heard.) If you are dealing with a plib based app, you probably want to consider converting the model to a better supported format.

For what it's worth, this isn't necessarily a knock on plib. 3d formats are hard, and the line between geometry and functionality get's blury, and an application always needs to communicate more than plain geometry. So everyone is tempted to push more information into the 3d format, but this is hard to do in a non-application specific way. Things like vrml and openflight are an *attempt* to encapsulate a lot of functionality into the format but they aren't always as successful, or generic as we'd like them to be.

It's a very difficult problem ... FlightGear has xml wrappers on top of our models, but that means you have to hand code things like LOD and animations and can't do it in the modeler ... tough problem...


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