On Monday 27 Dec 2004 21:11, David Megginson wrote:

> You have to distinguish between the maintainer and contributors.  As
> long as I'm maintaining, say, the J3 Cub model, any contributors
> should make their changes to the Blender source, since Blender is my
> chosen format.  If a different maintainer takes over (or forks the
> model), then that maintainer may choose to keep the source in 3DS,
> AC3D, or some other format.  I don't think that we should dictate to
> people what modelling program they have to use, though, obviously,
> they'll do better attracting contributors if they use an Open-Source
> one, or at least a cross-platform one.

> You will lose information that's useful to the modeller, like, say,
> object grouping.  VRML is good enough for displaying a model in
> FlightGear, but just about every modeller keeps a lot of extra
> information around that's useful to the designer, and that will be
> lost.  If a new maintainer is taking over and wants to switch to a
> different modelling program, VRML is a good way to get the basic mesh
> objects and textures in there, but then there will be some work
> regrouping, etc.

As I've mentioned, the modifications to the c172p that I made were with ac3d 
(it's not a hugely powerful modeller but speed of development is good).

What exactly will have been stripped out of the model on export to AC3D - 
Specifically is it groupings or are there other things gone?

I'd like to 'port' the design back to .blend if possible to avoid the 'fork'.

It appears that the latest version of AC3D maintained the specular / diffuse 
etc material info. - Not sure whether Blender keeps that on import from AC3D 


Dave Martin

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