On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:28:18 +0000, Dave Martin

> As I've mentioned, the modifications to the c172p that I made were with ac3d
> (it's not a hugely powerful modeller but speed of development is good).

I'm happy to hand over the 172p to Dave or someone else who is willing
to take it over and give it a lot of TLC -- it's our default aircraft,
so it should look better than it does (i.e. a proper interior with
fabrics, door handles, placards, etc.).

One thing that Blender loses on AC3D export is reused meshes; for
example, I might have 10 objects that all use the same mesh (think
knobs or antennas), and in Blender, any change I make to one will
appear in all the others; on export, the link is lost, and they're 10
separate objects.  As Dave mentioned, specular and emissive colours
are also lost on AC3D export (at least the last time I checked), and I
have to edit them into the *.ac file by hand after export.  Sometimes
I also have to rearrange the objects for alpha ordering.

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