On December 28, 2004 03:24 pm, Dave Martin wrote:
> For AI traffic (or multiplay) where any given aircraft has its own
> callsign, when the texture for that callsign is loaded, Imagemagick can
> quickly and quietly write the callsign onto the fuselage so the aircraft
> becomes visually identifyable. That is that every aircraft in the
> environment would have to have its own texture tho.
> Still, the idea is there (but I haven't the knowledge to implement it).
> Dave Martin

What you want to print on the aircraft is its registration number, not the 

This is a good idea.  I was planning to add registration number(s) to a model 
of mine but realized Durk will need the registration to be changable.  I have 
no idea how it will be achieved, so I ended up not adding any.


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