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>         A bit of digging found that the airport ID of 1N9 had been changed to
> K1N9. Further checks show that has happened to quite a few of the
> non-Kxxx IDs in the USA. Is this a FG problem, or are the errors
> coming from Robin's database? I can work around it for now, but it
> could prove a long-term annoyance to users in general.

In official Canadian publications, all airport identifiers are now
four characters long and prefixed with C, even the ones that are not
official ICAO codes.  So not only do we have CYOW for my home airport
(where the old timers prefer the old-fashioned ATA "YOW"), but we also
have CNP3 instead of the old NP3 for Arnprior, a small airport outside
of town.

I'm betting that it won't be long until you see all US airports with
four-letter identifiers in the Jeppesen database, because it helps to
distinguish them from navaids (i.e. KALB is the Albany airport, while
ALB is the Albany VOR).  For now, though, Jeppesen is still using 1N9
for Allentown, so we should probably use that as well.

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