Chris Metzler wwrites:
> > Lot's of 
> > fun to be had if someone had the time to play with it ...
> I used to do stuff that bears some similarities to this for a living.
> Unfortunately, it was in FORTRAN.  Heh.

Interesting I use to make a piece of my living integrating Delaunay 
based interpolation schemes into 'C'  packages :-)

Anyway integrating FORTRAN source into C is not an issue 
as there are good translators < f2c >

Also note that Simgear has routines to do trilinear interpolation 
from discrete points on a sphere.
see  SIMGEAR/math/sphrintp.X and linintp2.X

Unfortunately this scheme does not adequately model fronts
but we don't currently have that sort of data anyway and that 
is reasonably easy to correct.



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