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Dave Martin schrieb:
| Any clues as to why, when I try to display the output
| of /instrumentation/comm/frequencies/selected-mhz etc on my Comm
radio, The
| output gets rounded down or reduced by 0.01 in some cases but not others.
| ie: set 120.5 displayed 120.49
| set 120.8 displayed 120.8

Floating point rounding error? (There are many "simple" numbers that we
use, that floating point numbers can't represent. E.g. 0.01)

If the floating point number gets cut off and not rounded you'll also
might get that effect.

Could you try to add 0.005 before rounding/cut off and see if that helps?


Perhaps we could export each side of the decimal point as seperate integers in the property tree to make life easier for panel designers?


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