On Thursday, 30 December 2004 23:26, David Luff wrote:
> I hadn't realised that state/province info was in the
> DAFIF - that's a pleasant surprise :-)

I looked into the data a bit more.
It seems that only the States of USA are in the data.
However when I looked at the province code for other airports there appears to 
be some sort of grouping - I'm not sure if it can be mapped directly to 
provinces though.
I'll hunt around and see if I can find some data elsewhere. The only problem 
is that most of the data one finds online is not very complete.

>I believe that we can assume that codes
> above 500 may be safetly used for FG use without conflict - maybe you could
> write a script that merges the country/province data with the master data
> using a couple of codes up in that range for now?

That's a good idea - thanks.

I looked at just using the 2 letter prefix in the ICAO code to map the 
airports to countries but that is not so straight forward.
For instance some countries have multiple ICAO prefixes.
Another interesting discovery is that there are lots of countries that share 
an ICAO prefix for navaids and waypoints.

DAFIF   Country       ICAO code 
AJ      Azerbaijan    UB,UG,UR
AM      Armenia       UB,UD,UG

Looks like a new field in the airport DB would be a better idea.

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