On Donnerstag 30 Dezember 2004 15:21, David Megginson wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 08:08:12 -0600, Curtis L. Olson
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm passing along second hand knowledge here so I could be way off, but
> > I seem to recall there were problems with plib's handling of single
> > polygon objects ... it would collapse them into the parent layer.  You
> > might try building your needle with one more triangle and see if that
> > cures the problem.
> That is correct -- I don't know if there's any fix in plib CVS now,
> but in the past, Steve has violently disagreed with any suggestion
> that named objects should be preserved, so no one was allowed to
> commit a fix.
My crease patch now honours even single triangle objects and preserves their 
So the 'fix' is in current cvs.



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