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Martin Spott schrieb:
> Jon Stockill wrote:
>>Martin Spott wrote:
>>>But only then - and who wants WinXP without being forced to ....  !?  ;-)
>>>On the other hand PowerArchiver for Windows easily handles .tar.gz or
>>>.tgz files,
>>As does winzip AFAICR.
> .... but WinZip is commercial, isn't it !?

Yes. As well as WinRAR and WinACE. Now we've got the most common ones.
There are also a ton of others.

Personally I don't know any free ones (ok, I didn't do any excessive
research though).

That's why I prefer .zip. Then at least the WinXP users have a native,
"free" tool that works out of the box.

Jon Stockill schrieb:
> Christian Mayer wrote:
>> BTW: of all Windows versions you only want to use 2000 or XP (= 2000.1).
>> The rest is either unstable (95, 98, ME) or doesn't run modern
>> software (NT)
> This doesn't alter the fact that there are still a lot of perfectly
> capable systems out there running 98SE - they shouldn't be overlooked.

And at work we've got still some Win95 computers running (for different
reasons though)

My basic message is: all Windows versions but XP must get a tool (and
that'll handle not only .zip but also the rest). WinXP and its
successors comes already with a tool - but that can only handle .zip.

If the planes are in .tgz *all* Windows users *must* get a decompression
tool. If the planes are in .zip a high percentage (but not all) of
Windows users do not need an extra tool.

> (Being someone who "knows about computers" results in being asked to fix
> them by friends & family)

I think that is a very common problem. But I have an excuse so that I
don't need to look to thoroughly: if you are using Windows it's your
problem, ask me again when you are running Linux... :)

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