Dave Martin said:

> Hopefully, by the time I've finished, everyone will own 6800 class video 
> cards 
> to cope with all the polys (any maybe I'll own one too so I can finish the 
> models) ;-)

Those look fantastic!  Judging from the pictures, I don't think there will be
much trouble.  Sometimes you can cheat a bit and make something that is
physically incorrect but looks good in 3D.  Otherwise even with several
hundred vertices there won't be a problem with most cheap video cards.  The
textures and transparencies are more likely to hit the frame rates on the 32mb
cards.   Of course this wouldn't exactly be the case if you were modeling an
original SST cockpit with several dozens of instruments showing at once.  But
you are not so I wouldn't worry alot about it, so long as you are being
efficient.  It would be very nice to get some good 3D instrumentation into the
default c172.



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