That's encouraging. And thanks for the steer to GMax.

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> On January 4, 2005 04:39 pm, Dave Martin wrote:
> > It is best to work with the native format of the model.
> >
> > Updating a model using a different modeller may make it uneditable for
> > other current contributors.
> >
> > However, for all I know, the Hunter / Seahawk may have been made in
> > software other than 3DS and then exported. - In which case it would be
> > to get the original source files.
> >
> > Dave Martin
> Or not, depending on the situation.
> For example, if the aircraft doesn't have a virtual cockpit and you intend
> add a virtual cockpit to it, your model can be in any format you want.
> can integrate it with the main model afterward using XML.
> On the other hand, if, for example, you are intend to replace an already
> existed virtual cockpit of a certain aircraft with your own, there are two
> ways to go about it:
> 1.  You want to edit the model in its native format, as David has pointed
> 2.  Make the cockpit or whatever object(s) you want to replace hidden, and
> load your own model; all using XML.
> Right now, Innis and I are collaborating on an aircraft.  Since we both
> different 3D modelling software, different parts of the model are in
> different formats.  We get around this problem by using XML to put the
> various components together.
> Ampere
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