Innis Cunningham said:

> Hi All
> Has anyone else noticed that the airspeed display and
> the altitude display go to all zero's when the aircraft nose
> goes below the horizon in FG 9.6.Also on T/O roll on 28R at KSFO they
> go to zero when the A/C gets to about 100 kts.I guess something
> is broke because the problem dose not happen in 9.5.Very strange
> because the airspeed tape and the altitude tape work just fine.
> I guess not a lot of people fly the heavies or this would have
> been noticed earlier.Unless it only happens on the windows version.
> Cheers
> Innis

This seems to be working fine at the moment (0.9.8.pre1).  You mentioned that
the tape works fine.  I'm assuming that you know the mageneta characters are
autopilot settings.  Either way they would not be changing when you drop the
nose unless maybe you were doing something AP related at the same time.



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