Curtis L. Olson wrote:

1. From June 1 through the end of the year, 103,201 copies of the windows version of FG were downloaded from the main FG ftp server. (The logs only go back to June '04 ...) I'm sure some of those are repeat customers or people that only tried running FG once or twice, but it makes me wonder how big the FlightGear user base might be ... (?)

Some more numbers:

There were 4756 downloads of the slackware package in 2004 (that's about 400GB). got 180638 hits.

Over the year I've handed out approximately 150 flightgear CDs (the bulk of those being at the Linus User and Developer Expo in April - and other than at the expo where there were lots of freebie hunters the reaction has almost always been "It's free? Are you sure?" (luckily I now have a fast cd writer in preparation for the 0.9.8 batch :-)

Good work everyone; it's amazing what we can accomplish when we all work together!

I'm continually amazed by the talents of all involved, and the number of people out there lurking on the mailing lists who pop up at just the right moments with the kind of knowledge and resources that'll ensure FlightGear just continues to get better and better.

Have a great 2005.

Jon Stockill

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