On Thursday 06 January 2005 15:36, Matthew Law wrote:
> I googled around on the subject and I believe that the sub-surface version
> of the model is only a kind of visual thing done inside blender.  The
> objects within the model itself remain in their lower poly form through
> out.

I also thought that Bleder did the sub-surfacing in real-time.

> I've just thought that I might be able to get a really nice smooth but
> higher poly model by using nurbs surfaces to model half of the fuselage,
> say.  Then I'll convert it to a mesh and duplicate, mirror and join it
> to make the whole thing.  Does this sound reasonable?

I just done what you describe here. One advantage of using nurbs surfaces is 
that you can set the resolution. So if you need a low poly model you just 
reset the resolution of you nurbs surface and reconvert it to a mesh. It's a 
good idea to keep your original nurbs surface and convert a duplicate of it.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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