> Can anyone who flies in the US tell me how prolific windsocks at GA
> airports actually are.  Currently we get one at each end of the runway by
> default in the airport data, but I'm wondering if that's generally
> overkill?  If an airport has a segmented circle (nicely visible from aerial
> photos) is that where the windsock is usually located?

Your assumption is a pretty good rule of a thumb, esp. if applied only
to single-runway (<4000ft) non-towered airports. Segmented circle ALWAYS
has a (usually lighted at night) wind sock as far as I have seen.

However, notable exception might be any airport with an obvious wind
shift along the runway, because of mountains, close terrain "texture
changes" (forest/field/buildings) etc. Anyway, such wind shift won't be
detected by fgfs as it is today.


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