David Luff said:

> When using the 2D panel, it appears that the view window to the outside
world gets shifted up and down depending on whether the panel is visible or
not (try viewing slightly left or right and then back straight again to see
it).  This appears to be done without changing the position of the eyepoint
relative to the 3D scene (the perspective and distance to the runway remain
the same.  Can anyone enlighten me as to how this is done, where in the code I
can find it, and if it's governed by any properties?

It is probably that way to make more of the "scene" appear above the 2d panel.
 You can try playing with some of the values in the configuration files for
the panel. IIRC there is a height (y axis) related setting that basically
causes the view to be squeezed upwards.  You'd see it clearly if the panel
texture was transparent because there would be nothing on the bottom part of
the screen.  Note that if you hit "s" to get that little transparent panel
while running aicraft=c172r, the same up/down "effect" will occur because it
does not squeeze the view upwards the way the standard panel does.



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